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Workplace Violence & Prevention Services

Unfortunately, the prevention of workplace violence has emerged as an important safety issue, costing employers and employees over $36 billion a year, according to a 2003 report offered by the US National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety. Workplace violence such as physical assaults or threatening or violent behavior is a growing problem in the workplace. Every workplace is vulnerable to security threats and the trends of our current society are proving it to be more and more prevalent and an issue that must be addressed head on. Planning must be made for this event and for its prevention well ahead of time; those employers who do not create plans of action for the prevention of workplace violence or who do not address the safety of their employees will be held accountable.

Many factors are in play that may determine your level of potential risk. The various factors should all be evaluated and a plan initiated to address how they might impact a business - small and large it can be devastating if an act of violence is perpetrated against an employee or employer. Not having a plan or procedures can amount to huge costs in increased medical and disability insurance expenses, absenteeism, turnover, legal fees and liability, reduced productivity and management time dealing with crisis. Individuals and computer systems are particularly vulnerable to attack based on opportunity.
Having a plan; being prepared is the first step.

The Foremost Response, Inc model for prevention of Workplace Violence incidents are based on the current needs of our clients. We have wide-ranging experience in keeping employees, the public, and assets of National & International organizations safe from loss or injury. The core element of this strategy is to protect employees and reduce the risks.

At- Risk Terminations:

At-Risk Terminations may allow for more preplanning to take place if an employer is following a plan to keep their employees as safe as possible in the workplace. Proper steps can be taken BEFORE hand to address the potential of violence from terminating an individual who maybe considered "At-Risk". Preplanning and being prepared is the most important step of the entire process. Foremost Response, Inc. is available to evaluate the concerns, review precursors, help in the preparation phases or to offer our services and strictly focus on the safety and well being of all employees & management in post event.

Our services address a full range of needs regarding Workplace Violence, At-Risk Terminations, and prevention issues that confront businesses and organizations daily.

  •  Workplace Violence Prevention Services
  • Management & Consulting for At-Risk Terminations (Pre & Post event)
  • Prevention Assessments of the Workplace Environment
  • Development of Workplace Violence Prevention Programs
  • Threat Assessment & Management Consulting
  • Executive & Personnel Protection Services
  • Civil & Criminal Investigation Services
  • Workplace Violence Training for Managers & Employees
  • Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology resources
  • Development of Emergency Contingency Plans
  • Crisis Response Services
  • Prevention & Deterrence Programs thru the use of K9 Detection Services

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