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Special Event Service & Consulting

Recent events around the world have made us all aware of the need for an increased level of professional security programs and staff. Highly effective security measures are now being employed at international airports, federal facilities and for private corporations. These measures include better-trained personnel, advanced technologies and redesigned policies and procedures.

Foremost Response, Inc. offers this same level of security consultation to the field of special events. At Foremost Response, Inc. we support our clients with specialized security advice, detailed planning and on-site security coordination.

Foremost Response, Inc. provides security consulting and operational management for major events. Foremost Response, Inc. can supply the security management team for your event. Utilizing the Foremost Response, Inc. "Force Multiplier" formula we can work with the local law enforcement officers assigned to the event or with your local security suppliers to ensure you're getting the services and coverage you're expecting for a safe and successful event. This management approach ensures that trained professionals are overseeing your event rather than part-time employees or just recently hired staff. The Foremost Response, Inc. "Force Multiplier" formula has been successfully utilized for western Colorado's largest events and is designed to reduce the need for a large law enforcement presence where by private security officers are integrated into the Operations Plans for the entire event including the Incident Command structure and Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), and work the entire event shoulder to shoulder with law Enforcement Officers assigned to the event. This formula has successfully been deployed with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Grand Junction Police Department, Fruita Police Department, and Glenwood Springs Police Department in some cases multiple times with great success.

The Foremost Response, Inc. Management Team consists of active and retired professionals from the fields of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military, Emergency Management, EMS, Public Safety and Event Specialists. They are all selected for their experiences with major events but more importantly for their customer service traits and professional management styles.

The Force Multiplier Concept at work. Security is integrated with Law
Enforcement Officers and the Emergency Management Plan for the
event while operating under the Incident Command System.

Foremost Response, Inc. can assist you in creating a safe and enjoyable event for your spectators, performers and guests. With years of experience at major festivals, concerts and athletic competitions, the Foremost Response, Inc. Management Team has the necessary experience and understanding to design a safe and secure environment. From your first moment of planning to the very end of your event, Foremost Response will consider and address all of your operational concerns.

Facility & Staffing Critiques

Foremost Response, Inc. reviews your existing security staff and site operation based upon expected overall performance goals.

Emergency Preparedness & Procedure

Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) will be reviewed or developed by qualified Foremost Response, Inc. personnel with extensive backgrounds in emergency management, risk management, and/or threat analysis.

Operation Plans & Project Timelines

Events and facilities being planned for their first time will benefit by the creation of an event-specific Security Operations Plan.

Event Operations

Foremost Response, Inc. can supply the security management team for your event. We work with your existing local security suppliers and provide an experienced management team.


Through years of experience and hundreds of events, training has been a large component for our success.

Additional Resources & Planning

Depending upon your security concerns let western Colorado's most experienced major event security professionals at Foremost Response, Inc. assist you.

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