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Our upper Aspen Valley Uniformed Security Patrol Services are where we started. It is a complete and full service program that we offer commercial and residential clients. The professionalism and the high standards we hold here have been the reason for our growth into the many other services we now offer.

The Patrol Services are offered as a solution to a broad base of security needs. These services include everything from preventing theft and criminal activity to protecting highly valued assets or patrolling specific properties, communities, or businesses, preventing unwanted access or watching over an Estate or home.

Services within this division are:

  • Late Check-ins for Hotel Properties
  • Lock-ups and Unlocks for Commercial or Business properties
  • Alarm Response for both Commercial and Residential clients
  • Welfare checks
  • Pre-arrival checks (We can raise the temperature in a home before arrival,let in maids, flowers, or house keepers)
  • Post Departure Checks (We lock up, secure to property, we may unlock the property for cleaning services, or contractors)
  • Fire Watch
  • Lock up Hot Tubs or close Pools
  • Condominium Association Patrols
  • Booting Services - monitoring reserved parking or private property
  • Construction Site Patrols

Security Services can start plane side, offered as asset protection, or include K9 searches of the aircraft before departure.

Each Patrol Officer makes a special effort not only to meet but also exceed expectations regarding their effort in the overall cooperative security effort. Our quality and our attention to service prove time and again to be a great Asset to our clients ... not just a service.

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