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Foremost Response, Inc. | Worldwide Network of Professional Security Services

We attend to our client's security needs from a broad platform of bundled security services. Foremost Response, Inc. provides more security services than any other service provider in the region.

Special security services are a group of numerous other security related services that either add to or complement the existing services of a client or they may be specifically requested as a stand alone service. Whatever the case may be, Foremost Response stands ready to perform. We are the one call to make to address your overall security challenges.

Advance Arrival Services:

Offered to any client in-bound or visiting areas in western Colorado, southern Utah, or western Wyoming. Based in Aspen and the Grand Valley we have a firm grip on available resources and activities in the resort communities of the region including not only Aspen but Glenwood Springs, Vail, Steamboat Springs, Telluride, and Moab, Utah. We are available to advance conference locations, hotels, and transportation & driver arrangements, unlock & check homes and arrange all pre-arrival services. We will provide security for private aircraft, augment current security details, add or provide an additional concentric ring of protection with uniformed officers or plain clothes officers.

International Co-ordinations & Travel Security Services:

Maybe arranged according to location and specific needs. Foremost Response, Inc. is part of a world wide network of proven working professionals. When planning to travel abroad and you find yourself needing reputable in-country security contacts, security assessments of the region, assistance with completing plans for in-country emergencies, or any other form of help or information related to your security concerns - call upon Foremost Response, Inc. we stand ready to assist you.

Threat Assessment Services / Security Vulnerability Assessments:

Maybe part of the Advance Arrival Services or is available for specific purposes. Threat Assessments are tailored to an individual client's needs. Site surveys, vulnerability studies, hand writing analysis and more are all possible in this service. Contact Foremost Response to discuss and develop the right service plan.

Technical Security Services:

Foremost Response has the ability to provide a range of highly specialized security services known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Through a co-op and network of skilled technicians these very specialized security services are offered to corporations, law firms, competitive businesses, and select individuals.

Corporate Intelligence:

The business of collecting Competitive Intelligence in this day and age has become both a threat and a way of life. Former government intelligence officers are now making an income several times what they used to by working for private industry; corporations are investing great amounts of time and resources to training their own teams to collect intelligence of value and protect against this threat. It is more recognizable and prevalent in the world of business than ever before and more and more companies are engaged in both overt and covert Competitive Intelligence collection. It may be time to evaluate your company's posture relative to this threat and you may be an unknowing target. If you do not know how to reduce the threat or your vulnerabilities related to Competitive Intelligence... Foremost Response can help.

Generally our service will begin with a security assessment to identify security gaps, weaknesses, and build an understanding of the unique security vulnerabilities in your organization. We may utilize our Red Cell Services to try to elicit information from employees, attempt to penetrate or by-pass controls and policies in your organization along with many other proven methods. Our methods are not designed to embarrass you or your organization. These measures are designed to identify real security gaps or vulnerabilities and correct them before they are challenged by someone with a malicious intent to do harm. Our experienced investigators/operators can benefit both those seeking information and those wanting to protect their organization.

Red Cell Services (Penetration Tests & Aggressive Vulnerability Tests):

A once covert program utilized by the US Navy S.E.A.L.s to test US Military Base security measures and Anti-Terrorism preparedness. Private industry has turned from just "paper whipping" contingency plans to applying the aggressive testing of the best planned polices and procedures to see where vulnerabilities still lie and to make immediate corrective actions to strengthen their over all security posture.

Security Landscaping Design (Prevention through Environmental Design):

This program is designed to enhance commercial or residential security through design features in your landscaping. Security landscaping allows you to take full advantage of natural barriers and boundaries to supplement existing security systems or when adding a security system. This program is not designed to hide electronic security devices, but rather to make proper and efficient use of natural physical security thereby multiplying the effectiveness of electronic security and maintaining a level of effectiveness if and when electronic systems fail. It is a program specializing in planning and implementing complete, cost-effective and unique security design and landscaping enhancements. It allows to you to maintain a higher more efficient security posture.

Other Customized Specialty Services may include:

  • Remote Area Patrol Services
  • Anti-Trespassing Units or Anti-Poaching Patrols
  • Customized Security Programs for the Energy Industry
  • Critical Infrastructure Security Teams
  • Security Reactionary Services
  • High Risk Asset Protection or Asset Escorts
  • K9 Detection Teams

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