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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

The interception of key communications by means of audio or video surveillance is one of the many tricks in the bag of people who are in the business of buying and selling sensitive information. DON"T BE FOOLED it is BIG BUSINESS! Corporations, hostile competitors, foreign governments, and free lancers all collect sensitive information from targeted entities.

Foremost Response has the ability to bring to bare professionals who are highly trained in technical surveillance countermeasures services. These TSCM technicians will be using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to detect and combat the presence of devices that maybe compromising information or communications. TSCM services are used to ensure the integrity of conference rooms, company telephone/data/network systems, offices, and even possibly the homes and vehicles of key individuals were sensitive information or communications could be gathered. It may be important for a client to have pre-event sweeps or spectrum monitoring services during meetings were critical and sensitive discussions are taking place to ensure that they remain confidential. A single piece of proprietary information in the wrong hands can be devastating to a company; gathering it can be a win fall for an aggressive competitor. There are many other pieces of the puzzle though that may not be proprietary but once collected and put together can be nearly just as damaging.

During the countermeasures operation a team of security professionals will electronically inspect your facilities for any devices (concealed microphones, radio transmitters, carrier current bugs, telephone line taps and cameras) that may be compromising your information. While the "sweep" is being carried out a security survey of the facility or premises is also conducted and specific recommendations on how to enhance the overall security posture are made. Foremost Response will report our findings only to a designated representative or directly to our client.

This is a highly detailed and specialized service, advance notice and coordination is needed to provide the highest level of service.

(DO NOT contact us from the location you believe to be the problem area)

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