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Security Audits

Security Audits are an important and often necessary service. The Security Audit or Review of External Controls is as important to a business as having a CPA review the internal controls. It provides a snap shot of the current posture; it provides strong documentation from an outside entity reflecting that the program is in compliance with not only business policies, in some cases regulations and laws. Several good reasons for having Foremost Response, Inc. conduct a Security Audit:

  • Third party objective and subjective evaluation of the security posture
  • Recorded evaluations to counter negligence - reducing vicarious liability
  • Outline recommendations and strategies for improvement
  • Identify and strengthen weaknesses through training
  • Employee (customer) confidence poll - security related
  • Maintaining consistency where multiple locations are concerned
  • Strong documentation - includes photos, analysis, recommendations, checklists, training, management/supervisor interviews, and follow-up reviews

The proactive approach NOT a reactive one!

Physical Security

Review the various threat concerns to identify the strengths/weaknesses to the property and facility. Review layout and design to property and facility to ensure proactive measures can be readily implemented. Provide recommendations to "harden" the property and facility to the appropriate level. Employee poll covers "perceived" weaknesses. Review technical security (alarms, CCTV, etc.) to ensure that it is current, being maximized, and properly integrated into the current security program.

Policies and Procedures

Review the policies and procedures to all essential areas of concern. Follow the chain of procedures back to actual policy to ensure proper implementation and compliance to ensure that no gaps or negligence is occurring. Review policy/implications/insurance on acceptable gaps. Review the training outlines through to actual training and the standards maintained. All key elements to countering negligence if any future incident was to occur - this is the area most strongly reviewed in the event something does happen. Be prepared! Employee poll will cover compliance and competency.

Special Services

Specialized audits and reviews customized for:

  • Data Security
  • Information Security
  • Computer Security
  • IT Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Protective Services (Executive Protection)

For Key Executives a security review of the residence is available and recommended.

All auditing is done with strict confidentiality in mind. Subject matter experts are used in all specific areas and available for consultation on a long term basis. The audit will leave strong documentation supporting your security efforts and program. Foremost Response is available and fully prepared to offer continued consultation, training, and scheduled reviews. We seek the relationship not just the opportunity to do business.