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  • Proguard Protection Services, Inc. - Alarm Monitoring, Installation, Support, Custom Design, and DVR CCTV Systems
  • Sign Gallery - Signs and vehicle decals  (970) 241-6400
  • Somethin Sweet Candy Plus - Company Accessories… you name it they can get it
  • Production West - Creative Video Production (970) 241-6437



  • Executive Protection Women - A resource for females working in the industry and a resource for individuals needing female agents.
  • AuthentiSEALS - A great resource for employers and others who have resumes from individuals claiming to be former Navy SEALs.  Or for anyone who whats to check up on the claims of someone saying they are a former Navy SEAL.
  • Gavin de Becker & Associates - Experts and practitioners in the field of Threat Assessments.
  • International Association of Professional Protection Specialists (IAPPS) - The IAPPS is established to support Professional Protectors as they protect the lives and assets, and the rights to life and assets, of their charges, public or private.
  • LP Information - One of the largest resources for Loss Prevention, Security and Law Enforcement professionals. LPInformation.com is operated by senior executives in the business. The site provides industry professionals with contacts, tools and current events.
  • C4I.org - A regular stop for the both the U.S. and worldwide militaries, and is regularly updated with information warfare & computer security resources.
  • bombsecurity.com - This web site is dedicated to providing a central source for information on explosive-related protection issues.  Also the product of internationally recognized bomb security expert Craig Gundry; a Certified Protection Specialist and ESI graduate. 
  • The International Hoplology Society, Inc. - Hoplology -the study of the evolution and development of human combative behavior. Hoplologists and, consequently, the International Hoplology Society, have aimed at developing a systematic study of man's combative culture in all ages.