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Protective Services

Professional Close Protection Services, otherwise known as Executive Protection or Personal Protection. We like to first refer to these services in general terms as Protective Services because we serve a diverse field of clientele - corporations, political figures, athletes, entertainers, private families, stalker victims, and witnesses.

Foremost Response's Protective Services are tailored to the specific client with considerations given to the threat level, operational environment, location, and always - the client's needs and wishes. Agents assigned to Protective Services are done so as a result of their personal backgrounds, professional experience, training, and the ability to adapt to a variety of situations and environments. They possess the necessary skills for discretionary judgment, keen observation, and are equipped with the ability to identify and manage a wide range of unintentional and targeted threats within their immediate environment.

Quality Protective Services entail more than a presence. Protective Service Agents are selected based on their demonstrated ability to address all situations; including worst case with sound judgment, proper response, and discretion. The smallest details are always on the forefront of an Agents mind and the possibility of embarrassment, injury, delay, or inconvenience is monitored and addressed with vigorous diligence. An Agent's training is far more than weapons and defensive tactics; it includes situational awareness, advance work, emergency first aid procedures, social skills, and driving techniques.

Key factors of the Protective Services Operations are in identifying a known threat, identifying a hostile environment, or identifying the potential for harm or embarrassment. We take great care to be mindful of the image that our clients want projected while in the protective care of Foremost Response. Foremost Response works closely with the client or personal assistants/managers to find the right level and kind of service for low profile or high profile operations, in low, high and varied levels of threat environments.

We provide services to a diverse field of clientele - key corporate figures and their families, political figures and their families, anyone with a high public profile including athletes or celebrities, the individual or family who wishes for additional low profile companionship while traveling with a special emphasis on security & security awareness, to the individual being targeted by a stalker or needing protection as a witness. It also maybe that travel overseas or abroad to a High Risk location is required. Whatever the case maybe - anytime the level of risk or discomfort becomes or is expected to become more than is necessary Foremost Response is prepared to stand by your side through to the end.

If traveling or arriving in western Colorado, our Protective Services can begin at plane side as you land at local or regional airports. If requested we are also available to provide security for private aircraft to ensure its integrity upon departure. Foremost Response, Inc. is the only Private Security Services Provider in the state who also has the resources of an in-house K9 Detection Unit for Explosives/Firearms and Narcotics if those are part of the threat concerns to the principle we are assigned to protect.

Specifically for Jewelers:

Foremost Response provides Escort and Protection Services for Jewelers working and traveling in western Colorado and western Wyoming. Our specially trained and proven staff will accompany you, your associates and merchandise to and from your destinations in and out of the region. Our staff is well trained, professional, and experienced in providing Escort and Protective Security for Jewelers & Antique Dealers, their merchandise, families and staff. We take a customized approach to your Security or in some cases your insurance needs with Armed Agents. You deserve to conduct business in a more comfortable environment knowing you, your associates, and your merchandise are secure. We have successfully completed an assignment which involved assets worth an excess of $27 million in jewelry & antiques.

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