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K9 Services

Meeting the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Foremost Response, Inc. is helping meet the needs of business and society by having the resources to compliment or create cost effective pro-active Detection and Deterrence Programs.

The K9 Detection and Deterrence Program's Overall objective:

To reduce the presence of Contraband items in the work place, at schools & campuses, at events and locations people gather.

The K9 Detection and Deterrence Program is successful because:

* It provides an effective pro-active tool for greater safety and the prevention of violence.
* It works in any environment, under most any conditions, and is always friendly.

How the K9 Detection and Deterrence Program Works:

Foremost Response, Inc. provides random, unannounced visits with our Detection K9s. At each organization a designated coordinator is present to observe the inspection activities of the K9 Teams and to ensure the Teams follow the guidelines established by the property/client.

It is standard to inspect lockers, common areas, vehicles, vacated offices, public & high traffic areas, and the outside property or perimeters of a client's property. An individual's immediate person is almost never searched as a matter of liability. However, the air space just following an individual may be used depending on circumstance.

As part of the Program for clients that may be unfamiliar with the use of Detection Canines Foremost Response, Inc. will also assist in:

* Development of proactive communications policy for businesses, employees, and the community.
* Arrange and Provide legal briefs on the use of Detection Canines.
* Assist in the development of related policy.

Our K9 Teams (1 Handler + 1 K9 = a Team) are available for deployment anywhere around the world. These K9 teams are deployed for scheduled events and emergency response to support both private industry and public/government clients. Foremost Response, Inc. will travel to service corporations, government agencies, small businesses and school districts. Our goal is to assist you in protecting your business, school, executives, clientele, and employees. You can count on us for emergency and as-needed services with just a phone call.

Our K9 searches can, in a few hours, scan your facility for the odors of contraband explosives, weapons, and drugs. Companies and Schools of all types, which are concerned about contraband making their way into the workplace or on campus, all over the world, are employing K9 Detection Teams. Manufacturing facilities, transportation companies, public and private schools, service firms with vehicle fleets, and airlines are turning to K9 Detection Teams to provide an effective deterrent to illegal behavior. It is a reliably faster, more cost effective, low tech alternative to modern a machine and provides almost no disruption to the workplace.

Save money, lower your insurance rates, reduce absenteeism, and alleviate fear. Why not join the progressive companies that use the services of our K9 Detection Teams.

In Short

Our K9 Detection and Deterrence Programs offer a new and innovative option to provide a safe & secure environment. Foremost Response, Inc. stands ready to meet the special needs of every company, corporation, business, school, or private individuals interested in these Detection and Deterrence Programs. The benefits can be immediate and are visibly positive.

Did you know...

Foremost Response, Inc. is the ONLY private full service Security Company with these resources in the state. Local and State Law Enforcement Agencies in western Colorado currently do not have these assets readily available to them or on hand and have used our dogs in addressing unspecified Explosive Threats.

The Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) on staff are young, eager, and well trained; Certified by the United States of America Detection Dog Association (USADDA). Our handlers are also certified as K9 handlers by the USADDA. Our Detection Services are done by well-trained, non-threatening, passive response dogs.

The Narcotics Detection Dog (NDD) on staff is young, eager, and very high energy; the dog, the handler and the K9 Team are Certified. This particular K9 comes from a bloodline with a long history of Police Working dogs and proven performance records for detection work. Our Detection Services are done by well-trained, non-threatening, passive response dogs.

The K9 Detection Teams of Foremost Response, Inc. specializes in providing the most effective and reliable, explosives and weapons detection dogs available. The Selection, training and certification standards for our detection dogs are uncompromising. The result is a high energy, self motivated detection dog that is capable of working longer, more efficiently and more reliably than dogs that are pushed through a rushed course for deployment or placement somewhere.

Every K9 Detection Team is a credentialed and certified as a Team who also attends annual testing and on-going continuous training. The K9 Team is trained for Detection work only, meaning the dogs are not attack, patrol, or handler protection dogs. They are trained to give a passive response when they detect the odor they have been trained to respond to. Meaning the canine simply sits next to the article or item to indicate they have found an odor they where trained for. Although the canines are considered "working dogs" they are all very friendly, love attention, and play and interact with people very well. They tend to be very high energy and fun to watch work as well. They are trained using a positive reward system and are well cared for and always maintain a very healthy happy lifestyle.

We can also provide informational programs and demonstrations for employers, employees, family or community as well as assisting in defining or possibly amending policy to incorporate the use of detection canines.

For more information, call, write or visit our website. Please call us to schedule a demonstration.

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