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Investigative Services



Foremost Response has the ability to provide skilled investigators and investigative services to corporations, law firms, competitive businesses, and individuals who either desire or require these services. Whatever your investigative needs are we will assess the situation and advise you. The Investigations Division is one of our strongest divisions in respect to subject matter experts, years of experience, and the maturity of our investigators. They are former Military Officers, former and current Law Enforcement Officers, and specialized authorities in a variety of disciplines.


• Workman's compensation claims surveillance
• Insurance fraud investigations
• Photo Surveillance
• Background checks
• Secret shopper services
• Undercover (drugs, fraud, loss prevention, illegal employment)
• Voice Stress Analysis
• Hand Writing Analysis
• Cold Cases


• When you suspect thievery from your home or property
• Premarital infidelity surveillance
• Photo Surveillance
• Spousal infidelity surveillance
• Dating partner background check
• Suitability for child custody
• Anti-stalking assistance
• Troublesome neighbors
• Photo Surveillance
• Voice Stress Analysis
• Private Polygraph Tests
• Hand Writing Analysis
• Cold Cases

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