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Estate Protection Services

The Foremost Response, Inc. Estate Protection Team's Mission Statement:

The Estate Protection Team will provide professional services of the highest quality for Estates, Homes, and Gated Communities both with live-in residence and absentee owners. The Estate Protection Team has been established to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in each service we perform. Services are provided to estates owned by clients or corporations who need more than routine alarm security and monitoring services. The Estate Protection Team provides professional comprehensive services; be it basic, very intricate, or the provision of consultations.


The Complete Concept

The overall concept of Foremost Response is to offer a comprehensive security service that meets the basic, the specialized, and even the individualized needs of our clients. Our function is to be a professional, single source security service offering a full range of integrated services and abilities associated with Estate, Home, and Personal Protection. Our service is provided as a single agency solution to manage all related security concerns, rather than a client coordinating with many or multiple entities when it comes to Estate, Home, and Personal Protection needs; we stand ready to seamlessly serve all needs.

As a single source security agency we impress our clients by providing numerous professional services of the highest quality. We have established and maintain the highest standards of professionalism in each service we perform and provide. We aim to provide our clients a comprehensive, sound, and integrated solution to all their security needs associated with Estate, Home, and Personal Protection.

  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Protection
  • Client Protection
  • Protection of Visiting Guest
  • Client Representation


Inspection and Equipment Maintenance

The Estate Protection Team's security plan requires agents to conduct daily inspections of the property, both exterior and interior. This is not a door-handle-shake inspection, but a systematic walk-through of every building and room including the grounds surrounding the house. A checklist will be strictly followed to insure coverage of all areas and equipment.

Separate files will be maintained on all equipment, including emergency generator, fire and alarm systems, vehicles, and all major appliances requiring preventive maintenance. Files will contain the prescribed maintenance schedule, operational manuals, warrantee agreements and maintenance logs.

Maintenance logs will be maintained on all operational systems: electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and security systems. Maintenance will be conducted according to operational manual specifications and checklists kept as a record of tasks completed.

All defects or failures of equipment or systems will be attended to immediately and according to prescribed methods. Repairs will be made expeditiously and costs managed according to agreed-upon budget line.

During non-occupancy, all heating and plumbing systems will be kept at the minimal levels to keep the interior above freezing in winter and ambient temperatures during the summer. The estate will be ready for immediate occupancy 365 days a year.

Background Investigations of House Personnel

The Estate Protection Team is capable of conducting an extensive criminal, credit, and psychological profile of employees should the client deem it necessary or require it as part of the Estate Security plan. In most cases, with the exception of a detailed psychological profile, a background investigation can be conducted within a twenty-four hour period.

House Cleaning

The Estate Protection Team will arrange and schedule for all required house cleaning for every building on the property. A housekeeper or housekeepers, as required, will be on hand each day during visits and we will try to ensure that they are to be the same people each visit.

Great care will be taken when choosing a housekeeper, as work ethic, efficiency, integrity, and discretion are essential. The housekeeper chosen will typically be an acquaintance of the Estate Protection Team and will come with excellent references. Housekeepers, like all contractors, will sign a confidentiality agreement and concede to a background investigation.

Each building will receive a thorough cleaning by the contracted housekeeper before and after each visit. During non-visit periods, The Estate Protection Team can be responsible for maintaining a clean property.

On special request or special arrangement in-home health care is an additional service that may be provided either long term or short term as dictated by client needs.

On special request or special arrangement live-in staff can be arranged or screened to meet the year round up keep and security needs of the client.


The Estate Protection Team will arrange and schedule for all required architectural landscaping. Visits will be managed with a focus on security, confidentiality, and client needs. All architectural landscaping will be done in strict accordance with plans by the landscape architect, after consultation and approval from the owners or their representative. Architectural landscaping will be contracted unless The Estate Protection Team can do it completely and aesthetically.

Snow Removal will be contracted, or by separate agreement. The Estate Protection Team can when provided with the appropriate equipment.

Snow will be removed from the drive and walks after every storm. Snow will not be allowed to accumulate and harden into dangerous ice.

We will coordinate as required with county and any property management association authorities to insure the road leading to the property is satisfactorily maintained and clear of snow.

Maintenance of the lawn, planted trees, shrubs etc. will be contracted or conducted by The Estate Protection Team. The Estate Protection Team can maintain the sprinkler systems on a daily basis with the same rigor as all other property maintenance programs. Pumps, lines, and sprinkler heads will be monitored and replaced as needed. If the equipment fails, irrigation companies will be called and the system restored to operation immediately.

Expense Account, Purchases and Expense File

The method of maintaining an expense account and procedures for purchasing needed supplies are to be worked out upon consultation with client or an agent assigned by client. Careful records, receipts and strict accounting procedures will be followed when using client funds for property maintenance.

Reporting procedures and frequency of reports will be developed in consultation with the client or assigned agent.

Reports will include, but not limited to:

  • Property Status and Condition
  • Budget Status Report
  • Unusual Incident Report
  • Pre-Visit Readiness Report
  • Current Threat levels and local security concerns
  • Property Protection

Crime Prevention

It is The Estate Protection Team's responsibility to prevent crime and hazards to the property, client, family, friends, or visitors through a systematic program of awareness and pro-active prevention measures.

The most valuable security asset available to The Estate Protection Team is the specialized training and backgrounds of The Estate Protection Team members and management. This training consists of a very solid academic foundation, hands-on, and mentoring through teaming new employees with senior practitioners of varied security backgrounds.

The second most valuable security asset available to The Estate Protection Team is the support from local Law Enforcement.

It is absolutely essential, that a positive professional relationship between The Estate Protection Team and the law enforcement agencies is well maintained. Efforts will be made to coordinate and encourage local Law Enforcement to patrol along the road leading to the property on a regular basis, as few measures are as strong a deterrent as a marked Sheriffs vehicle. The Sheriff's office is also the best source for changes in local threat levels and social climate.

An equally effective deterrent to trespassers is a constant presence of The Estate Protection Team on the property or a systematic but random patrol. The Estate Protection Team will studiously avoid predictable routine inspection tours, arrivals, and departures.

The appearance of occupancy can be achieved through timed lighting both interior and exterior, timed music, and occasionally a random vehicle parked in a visible location near the house entrance.

Since many burglaries are preceded by careful surveillance or intelligence collected by loose conversation in bars and social occasions, The Estate Protection Team will conduct constant and systematic counter surveillance. All Estate Protection Team agents are trained in counter surveillance techniques. Local non-employee contacts are utilized when necessary or as part of The Estate Protection Team's regular community threat assessments and intelligence gathering methods.

The Estate Protection Team will monitor the local crime and threat level through the local newspapers and a solid relationship / constant dialog with the Sheriff's office and local Law Enforcement. Crimes to estates are frequently Wave Crimes; that is, criminal incidents increase with the presence of transient criminals who look for opportunities of vacant homes. As the transients make a sufficient haul of valuables, they tend to move on to other opportunities. Such Wave Crimes are well known by local law enforcement agencies and The Estate Protection Team will maintain a constant liaison with officers and officials within the department in order to maintain a high quality of intelligence collection and effective countermeasures.

While absolute security guarantees are not promised or offered, no other service is as professional, as highly trained, and as capable of this level of crime prevention as The Estate Protection Team assembled by Foremost Response.

Protection of Valuable Items

The Estate Protection Team will catalogue all items of value whether monetary or sentimental. If an interior decorator is carrying out their responsibilities of a contract, we will coordinate with their agent so as to better identify valuable items.

Items will include, but are not limited to:

  • Art Work
  • Appliances
  • Antiques
  • Pets
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Artifacts
  • Recreational Equipment

All these items and others identified by the client to have sentimental value will be photographed and logged with a file number, description, insurance code, purchase price, and estimated value. One copy will be kept at the property while a second will be secured in a safe area with Foremost Response.

Contractor Access

Any contractor requiring access to the property, following a prior agreement, will have a Polaroid taken, sign a confidentiality agreement, provide a copy of their driver's license, and have the security protocols explained.

The Estate Protection Team will control all contractor access through only one door, which will remain locked with other doors and windows when not in use.

Contractors will be notified that any container taken into or out of the house is subject to search. It will be explained that this policy is designed not to prevent theft, but to protect the contractors from implication of theft in the event an item is unaccounted for during their access.

Mobile and temporary surveillance systems can be or maybe utilized at the request of the client for certain projects contractors would be conducting. Electronic sweeps for "bugs" can be provided after extensive contractor visits if required by the client. This is customized to the individual clients.

Intrusion Detection

Electronic detection is the first critical element of home and estate security. Most local law enforcement will not respond to alarms outside city limits; they also have a Three Strikes You Are Out Policy, which means that officers will not respond after three false alarms. In Pitkin County (Aspen & Snowmass) the Sheriffs Office does not dispatch a Deputy unless the alarm is verified by an employee of the Alarm Company. Foremost Response recommends Pro Guard Protection Services for all alarm installation & monitoring services. Pro Guard Protection Services offers a superior service and is much more cost effective than other service providers. Their customer service and response to customer needs is known to be excellent. Foremost Response and Pro Guard Protection Services have a solid professional relationship. Foremost Response is co-located with Pro Guard Protection Services and supplies dedicated alarm response to Pro Guard Clients.

In the selection of any electronic detection system the client needs to consider that both exterior and interior intrusion detection is integrated into the overall security program for their property. This service can be combined with patrol services, providing a marked vehicle presence. Internet based video feeds, additional surveillance systems, and modern technology can be integrated to add to the complete security plan of the Estate, Home, and client. Electronic sweeps for "bugs" can be conducted or offered to the client prior to arrival and on any negotiated schedule desired by the client. The current electronic security systems and measures can be audited or reviewed both on the Estate and at the client's place of business. Regular reports can be provided very confidentially and directly to the client.

Fire Protection

The Estate Protection Team will become completely familiar with the clients fire protection system and will take direct responsibility for its state of readiness.

The Estate Protection Team will conduct monthly and pre-visit tests and inspections of the fire protection system. Any deficiency in the system will be corrected immediately upon detection.

If the home is equipped with a fire sprinkler system, it is to be armed at all times; if a sprinkler line is activated, its valve will not be closed until the source of heat is located and completely eliminated. If a sprinkler head is activated it will be replaced and the system rearmed immediately after the threat is eliminated. In areas that employ a dry sprinkler system, the lines are to be bled and the system armed immediately after the threat is eliminated.

The fire alarm system should work exactly like the intrusion detection system. In the event of a smoke, heat, or sprinkler alarm, an automatic dialer will alert a monitoring station, which will then notify The Estate Protection Team, who will immediately dispatch an agent to inspect that specific location and then the whole property.

The Estate Protection Team will develop emergency evacuation plans upon review of the blueprints and consultation with the District Fire Chief. Fire evacuation rehearsals will be offered to client and family members, especially children.

A fire extinguisher will be placed in every room of the property as well as exterior hazard areas; i.e., BBQ area, front of garage, etc. In addition, every car will carry an extinguisher, and will be inspected bi-annually.

Response to Intrusion

The Estate Protection Team's security plan will offer physical response by highly qualified and trained agents. Our agents will respond immediately to all intrusion alarms regardless of whether it is a false alarm or trespass alarm. The Estate Protection Team will maintain constant and reliable communication with the Sheriffs Department in order to call in back up when a physical trespass has been determined.

The Estate Protection Team regularly consults with the County Sheriff on the use of firearms in the defense of a residence and will carry a weapon only if properly trained and experienced in its safe handling and use under the laws governing deadly force. Solid relationships and constant co-ordination with local law enforcement is a standard for The Estate Protection Team.

Client Protection

Personal protection needs can vary tremendously depending on the social climate, threat level, client requests, etc. It is The Protection Team's responsibility to prevent hazards to the client, the client's image, the client's family, friends, or visitors through a program of awareness and pro-action.

The Protection Team possesses a high degree of training. The Protection Team has been assembled based on such elements as professionalism, experience, merit, discretion, additional skills & training, and the flexibility to blend with the client's lifestyle and the talent to provide effective and discreet personal protection. The Protection Team members in many cases will have been promoted from within the Estate Protection Team's ranks and have a familiarity with the Estate already.

Protective measures will be determined through consultation with the client upon review of the threat level before action is taken. All actions will conform to common sense, pro-active procedures, and absolute discretion.

Pro-active, preventive measures taken by the Protection Team of Foremost Response will include, and are not limited to:

  • Continual professional dialog with local law enforcement
  • Continual review and updating of the Fire Protection Plan
  • Continual review and updating of Property Protective Measures
  • Continual training of the Protection Team
  • Continual training of First Aid and emergency medicine skills
  • Constant counter surveillance as the keystone to good protection

The Protection Team also provides services by arrangement to visiting family or friends when the client is not present or wishes it so. Foremost Response and the Protection Team also provide these services to special guests or visitors of the client. The client may request that friends, family and special guests use the services of The Protection Team when visiting the Estate or the region while unaccompanied by the client for short or extended stays.

Representation through Professionalism
The Estate Protection Team and The Protection Team's first obligation is to represent the client through nothing short of absolute professionalism. Regardless of the tasks or its nature, certain elements are required and will remain constant in the mind of The Estate Protection Team and The Protection Team. We will at all times be aware of the client's public and private profile and therefore interact with the community in a responsible, discrete, and courteous manner both "on the job" and "off the job". We regard the service of Estate, Home, and Personal Protection as a profession and therefore all dealings with the public are to be conducted with professionalism.

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