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About Foremost Response Inc.


Foremost Response, Inc. was formed as a Corporation in October 2001 to serve the specialized security needs of clients in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. The founding principal of Foremost Response is that security is a service business and we aim to provide great customer service at every level.

Foremost response has grown from its core base as a quality patrol service to a broad based security services provider - now offering more services than any other service provider in the region. Our tremendous growth has been strictly due to word of mouth and quality services with quality people. We are now servicing a larger geographical area than any other security provider in western Colorado.

We aim for the long term relationship in supporting our clients rather than just the opportunity to do business. In providing our professional security services we aim to build a strong and enduring reputation by standing with our clients before, during, and after their times of need. Foremost Response is locally owned, managed, and operated so clients are able to get immediate support, service, and response to their requests and needs. Clients have immediate access to principal decision makers at all levels of service. That is an important element to our services that we believe will set us apart from other organizations and competitors.

Our broad base of services also highlights our broad array of experience and knowledge in our industry. Individuals working with Foremost Response have experience on a foreign Presidential Security Detail, the 2002 Winter Olympics, years of military and or law enforcement, high risk overseas assignments, private and contract executive protection assignments, martial artists, and career security practitioners.

We invest heavily in continued training... so much so we have purchased a training company to offer stronger in-house training and professionalism. We are raising the bar and the level of professionalism of those working your jobsites. We now can deliver those high training standards to other organizations.

Being a single source security agency is our goal for the clients we now serve and those new clients we hope to be servicing in the future. If in one phone call you are looking to reach a quality security provider with the knowledge, skill, resources, and experience to meet your security challenges head on and address them; then we believe that call should be placed to us.

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